You may also register at registration packet pickup on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

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Confirmed Registrants

You can confirm your registration or check on someone else by viewing the list of registrants.

Registration Transfers

You may transfer your registration to another person who has not registered at any time before online registration closes. A $5 processing fee will be charged. All transfers must be completed through the following online transfer process. (As of 5/20 this function has been turned off and is no longer available)

Substitute Policy

Another person cannot run with your bib under your name. You may, however, transfer your registration through the online transfer process.  (As of 5/20 this function has been turned off and is no longer available)

Refund Policy

No refunds will be offered unless you purchased a Refund Option at the time of registration.

Refund Option

We realize that life happens and sometimes it’s not possible or advisable for runners to participate in a race. Sometimes runners suffer injuries while training, learn that they’re pregnant, get called to perform military duty, lose a job, or must attend to a family emergency. Sometimes races get cancelled due to Acts Of God – i.e. hurricane Irene 8/28/11 or hurricane Sandy 10/29/12. Our Refund Option is like registration insurance that protects you if something unexpected happens after you register and you want your money back.

Refund Option Costs

5k (shoes): $5
Barefoot 5k: $5
Canicross 5k: $5
10k: $5
25k: $10
50k: $10
50mile: $10

Refund Option Benefits

If you purchase the Refund Option you may request a refund of your base entry fee and any other merchandise purchases. Online processing fees and the Refund Option cost are not included. For example, if you registered for the 50k on 12/31/13 and purchased a shirt and a glass mug your total cost would be $55(base) + $10(option cost) + $10(shirt) + $5(mug) +$4.50(online fee) = $84.50. If you request a refund you will receive $70 ($55 base +$10 shirt +$5 mug).

Refund Option Rules

You must purchase the Refund Option at the time of registration. You must exercise the Refund Option before race day. Requests for a refund must be done in writing by sending an email to [email protected]. Processing may take up two weeks. Refunds will be credited to the credit card that you used at the time of online registration. If you registered with a paper entry form then a refund check will be mailed to the address entered into the form. Refunds will be processed by Racewire, our online registration provider. If the race is cancelled you may request a refund. If you defer your race entry to the 2015 event you will also retain the Refund Option.

Deferral Policy

If you cannot attend the race for any reason you may request a deferral of your base entry fee and merchandise purchases (not including online processing fees) to the next year. You must send an email to [email protected] by 6:00 PM (EST) on Friday 4/25/14 to request a deferral. Your name will be removed from the public participants list when the deferral is processed. Your name will automatically appear on the 2015 List Of Participants and no further action will be needed on your behalf.

Cancellation Policy

Although rare sometimes races must be cancelled due to unexpected unsafe race conditions – i.e. Hurricane Irene 8/28/11 and Sandy 10/30/12. If there is an event due to an Act Of God — i.e. hurricane, dangerously high heat index >105, or a state of emergency is declared by municipal authorities – the race will be cancelled. If the race is cancelled due to an Act Of God and is beyond the control of the race director it will not be postponed and no refunds will be given.