We offer a flexible refund policy. Your best option is to purchase the Refund Option when you register. It is a set amount, and can be exercised anytime prior to the start of the race. The Refund Option is like buying registration insurance that protects you from unexpected events. We realize that life happens and sometimes it’s not possible or advisable for runners to participate in a race. Sometimes runners suffer injuries while training, learn that they’re pregnant, get called to perform military duty, lose a job, or must attend to a family emergency. Sometimes races get cancelled due to acts of God.

Refund Option Rules

If you purchase the Refund Option at the time of registration, you can request a refund anytime prior to the start of the race. Requests for refunds must be made by completing the form on the Refunds & Deferrals page of our website. If the race is cancelled, you may request a refund only if you purchased the refund option at the time of registration. Refunds will be credited to the credit card used for registration. If you do not purchase the Refund Option when you register, we will refund partial amounts through 11:59pm EST on Sunday, 04/28/18. You need to complete this form  to request the refund. All refunds will be processed through Race Wire, our online registration company. No cash or checks will be sent.

Refund Option Costs (When purchased at time of registration):

5k, Canicross 5k and Kid’s Race:$5.00
10k: $5.00
25k, 50k 50mile: $10.00

Prior to 03/30/18:

5k, Barefoot 5k and Canicross 5k:$6.00
10k: $6.00
25k, 50k 50mile: $11.00


5k, Barefoot 5k and Canicross 5k:$11.00
10k: $11.00
25k, 50k 50mile: $21.00

If you cannot attend the race for any reason you may request a deferral to the next year. Requests must be made by completing this form by 11:59 PM (EST) on Saturday 4/28/18. You will be issued a promo code, valued at 85% of your entry fee and merchandise purchases, that can be applied towards your 2019 Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms registration.

Switching Races:

Switches from longer to shorter races do not include a refund. Switches from shorter races to longer races do require you to pay the difference from your current registration to the current pricing for the new longer race.

Complete this form so that we can initiate the process to switch your registration.  Please note that once bibs are printed, this process will close and you will then need to complete a paper change form at bib pickup.


If you want to transfer to another one of our races (The Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon and Half Marathon or the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon & 5k), you can do that by completing this form by 11:59 pm on Saturday 04/28/18. We will then issue you a promo code, valued at the amount you paid for registration for this race, so that you can register for the new race.

  • The new runner will click here: Transfer to access the bib transfer page in RaceWire
  • The runner that is transferring the bib needs to provide the new runner with two of these three pieces of information: A) The email address you used to register B) Your confirmation number C) Your Zip Code
  • The new runner will enter in two of those pieces of information and then complete her/his registration.
  • The new runner will pay $5.50 in RaceWire. That amount will increase to $10.25 after 11:59 PM on Saturday, April 28th

(Merchandise and services will not automatically transfer.  We will manually transfer it .  Size adjustments cannot be made for clothing.  Services include mobile lockers and shuttle bus for marathon.  The shuttle bus time cannot be changed.)

The two runners will need to “settle-up” regarding the registration fee that was originally paid.  We will not be involved in that financial transaction.

The cutoff date for online transfers is 11:59 PM on Saturday, May 19th.

Although rare, sometimes races must be cancelled due to unexpected unsafe race conditions i.e. Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. If there is an event due to an act of God that is beyond the Race Director’s control i.e. hurricane, dangerously high heat index >105, or a state of emergency is declared by municipal authorities the race will be cancelled. If a race is cancelled due to an act of God it will not be postponed and no refunds will be given unless you purchased the refund option at the time of registration.